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Bouvet Keep of  the Macron Mountain-the capitol of Bouvaldia, the giant keep is carved out of  as well as inside of a dormant volcano that legends claim to have been the home of the great Fire Giant Macron.  Supposedly the Fire Giant created the keep for Ysson Bouvet in exchange for his life after Ysson defeated the giant in combat.  The rest of the Evening Isles believes it more likely that the volcano dwarves that live in the region are a more probable sculptor of the gigantic keep.  The most impressive feature of Bovet Keep is the deep harbor that cuts into the mountain and guards the dukes navy.  Bouvet Keep is the most defensible city in all the Isle’s.  Never, has an invader felled the keeps mighty walls.  The city is reported to be 50,000 strong with another 5,000 people serving actively in the Bouvaldian Navy.

Famous Location:
The Water Wall-The wall ranges in height from 50 to 100 feet in a 40 mile radius some thousand feet from the northwestern coast of Bouvaldia.  The Wall blinds the vanguard position of the isles from seeing where they travel to while also threatening everywhere the Isles travel with a moving wave of destruction.  In the 1000 feet between the wall and the coast, monstrous waves fall off the wall battering the coast.  Occasionally, creatures known to be native to the elemental plane of water have passed through from the wall, creating unique threats for Bouvaldians to conquer.

Bouvet Keep, the living mountain, a nickname earned by the constant construction and expansion of the original keep.  In truth Bouvet Keep was a military base and port for one of the world’s most powerful navies. The stone walls of the Keep were one-hundred miles long and made of mountain. The volcano dwarves that survived the sundering of the isles turned from their sorrow by investing their engineering might towards the sculpting of the northernmost portion of the Macron mountains.  The Duke’s castle and the deep harbor the castle sits above make up the original Bouvet Keep.  The harbor, encircled by two mountains in an enlarged U, is never forgotten once seen, The two mountains are known as Day and Night by the foreign sailors for their unique abilities to enhance light due to their rich mineral deposits. During the day the mountains seem to absorb the light, providing warmth to the castle and preventing reflection and horizon blindness for sailors.  At night the minerals of the mountains glow a rich fluorescence, providing enough light to see and sail by, and so much beauty as to inspire the creation of the Bard’s College Northern Lights.

The Duke’s Castle has had many names through the years, being rebranded and rechristened through its variety of leaders..  In the lean times of recent years skeptical Bouvaldians refer to the castle as The Crows Nest, a reference to the lookout point on a ship but also a sarcastic criticism of a royal family without answers.  Perhaps not surprisingly local superstition connects crows to abnormally long lifespans, death , or as a supernatural creature serving as an otherworldly messenger.  The original castle sits atop the plateau of the mountain that makes up the original keep. 

The original structure beneath the castle has always been called the Roc’s Nest so named for the legendary monster that once laired upon this mountain.  The structure now served as the central headquarters for the Duke’s military and civilian apparatus.  The current commander of the Roc’s Nest is  Chief of Staff  Carvanatos Tramore. Commander Tramore is singularly recognized as the greatest administrator in all of Bouvaldia.  It was a designation that provided him appreciation from his superiors and derision from almost everyone else. The Chief of Staff ‘s greatest talent lay in recognizing talents and shortcomings in people and systems  then redirecting those two resources towards more efficient production.  It was this talent that allowed Carvanatos to accurately evaluate his own talents and shortcomings where he found his military acumen lacking.  Commander Tramore’s solution has been referred to by some of the upper crust of Bouvaldian military as the most selfless act of statesmanship in the history of Bouvaldia.  In a speech before the Counts and Warlords, Carvanatos Tramore nominated Ralikanthae the Sea Master Knight Protector of Bovet Keep, placing all of Commander Tramore’s considerable military power under the wizard’s control while he protects Bouvaldia from the Water Wall.  While some praised the decision, others were outraged and reacted by warning their young Duke against giving so much power to a wizard about whom so little was known.

The expansion of Bovet Keep has spread through many miles, claiming seven individual mounts. Each Mount, is rechristened and provided a Warlord leader. Each Warlord gains a seat on the Duke’s council where they sit alongside all of the Counts that rule Bouvaldian lands.  The Mounts and Warlords numbers are also indicative of proximity to the Duke and original castle.  

1.      Hollow Mount: The first expansion is the nearly bereft of all ore from the years of mining.  The mount was strictly a mine during the earliest years of Bouvet Keep, only being converted into a three tiered mountain structure after all the minerals were freed from the mount.  After hollow mount each additional mount converted well before being stripped of all their resource, their three tiered structures mimicking Hollow Mount.  Regardless of mountain, all tiers are identified as 1st Tier Near Earth, 2nd Tier Sky High, and 3rd Tier Cloudhome.  Accordingly citizens of Bouvet Keep would refer to each mount and Tier to identify location, “Hapius the Alchemist? He lives Near Earth Hollow Mount but works Sky High in the same.” Hollow Mount is ruled by the Elven Admiral of the Bouvaldian Navy, Melandrach Olithir.
2.      Praecipium Mountain, the most bountiful land in all of Bouvaldia, it provides half of all food for Bouvet Keep and its navy.  The entire mountain is designed to continually utilize everything produced upon it.  Those that are privileged enough to visit Praecipium all mention the swarm of movement and activity visible from great distances in the daylight, and the mountain lights at night.  Praecipium Mountain is ruled by Fumi Laumstaucher, famous not only as a Warlord but also a midwife, responsible for guiding many successful births in Bouvet Keep.  Other midwifes train under the Laumstaucher method.
3.      Downhill Mountain, normally just referred to as Downhill.  The shortest in stature of all the individual mountains, it was developed into animal husbandry, training, and processing.  The animals travel through life can be denoted by its location on the mountain.  Due to the animals Downhill is also the most odorous of all the Mounts and the term Downhill or Downhiller an insult to all but those who live there.  Downhill Mountain is ruled by Verasqueue Wolair a ranger of impressive skill, if few words.
4.      Mount Artis: Crafter’s mountain, the bottom near earth tier serves Bouvet Keep with its ship making and repairs.  The two higher tiers of Artis provide a shared environment for all the craftsmen of Bouvet Keep to work in concert and limit waste.  Since the sundering, great effort has gone towards finding ways to use and reuse or repurpose. Mount Artis is ruled by Javier Kipps, a Halfling knife fighter of such skill that locals claims no armor can stop his blade.
5.      Mount Carcerem: The people of Bouvet Keep incorrectly believe this to be the world’s largest prison. Despite this mistaken belief the prison is quite large and bulging near capacity with foreign prisoners. Near Earth Carcerem is reserved for the families of prisoners who were accepted into Bouvaldian military service to fulfill their criminal sentence.  Families that live in this lower region have to put up with constant surveillance and searches but are otherwise unharmed and are well provided for. Mount Carcerem operates under the leadership of the half-elf Epnitious Snoot, a man who identifies himself not as a warden but as a linguist. 
6.      Embassy Mountain: The Sundered dwarves finally claimed a home and seat at the Duke’s table.  The dwarves identified this mountain as being rich in resource and soon began converting it into a new home for the Volcano Dwarves. Since the conversion, Embassy Mountain has provided a steady new source of silver, iron, copper, and cold stones. Gargoyle Zarl is the Warlord of Embassy Mountain.

7.      Stranger Peaks: The newest mount and most controversial, Stranger Peaks is named for those individuals who purchased citizenship from the crown and in return are provided Bouvaldian lands and titles.  While newly purchased citizenship will not require military duty, Stranger Peaks future generations will have to take part in mandatory military service.  The Duke ordered the creation of  the mount  and within a couple years a Warlord.  The most recent Warlord of Stranger Peaks was assassinated and the post has yet to be refilled. The murder of the Warlord is believed to arise from the inner turmoil of newly forming politics in Stranger Peaks. 

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