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The Duchy of Bouvaldia

The Duchy of Bouvaldia

The Duchy once referred to as Traitor’s Nest has fallen on hard times.  The great volcanic eruptions of The Dawning not only sundered the Evening Isles from its earthen moorings it also wrecked havoc upon the terrain of Bouvaldia whose lands were dotted with volcanoes. Those Bouvaldians alive at the time survived one catastrophe only to face another elemental challenge of water, with some locations lacking salt free water and those along the northwest coast facing a rising wall of water that the scholars of the time used to prove the isles were moving. During the first fifty years of the isles passage, the isles movement was not fast enough to create the size of water wall that blasts those coasts today. 
Problems such as flooding lead to long years of struggle for Bouvaldia. Starvation, disease, and constant exposure to new environments the isles moved Bouvaldia into greatly reduced the population .  These traumas caused a population shift towards larger cities and the complete militarization of the capitol city, now simply known as Bouvet Keep where only veterans and royalty are allowed to maintain private residences. Luckily for the citizens of Bouvaldia everyone is given the opportunity to complete ten years of military service and earn their citizenship rights.  Duke Calias has recently allowed a few foreigners to purchase their citizenships, a decision that has proven to be quite controversial.
Bouvaldia is known to have the finest Navy of all the Duchies.  Bouvaldia‘s entire economy historically is based upon shipping, trade, and nautical travel.  Within the last two hundred years the sundered dwarves have provided mining secrets and identification methods to Duke and aligned with the military of Bouvet Keep.  The secrets the dwarves provided saved the economy of Bouvaldia and led to a unique agreement between the ruling elves and sundered dwarves.  The agreement was based around that most valuable  of commodity; survival. The mountains and volcanoes keep entrance to this isle limited to those who can either fly or sail there for it is said to be impossible to survive a trek through the mountains of Bouvaldia. 

Bouvet Keep of  the Macron Mountain-the capitol of Bouvaldia, the giant keep is carved out of  as well as inside of a dormant volcano that legends claim to have been the home of the great Fire Giant Macron.  Supposedly the Fire Giant created the keep for Ysson Bouvet in exchange for his life after Ysson defeated the giant in combat.  The rest of the Evening Isles believes it more likely that the volcano dwarves that live in the region are a more probable sculptor of the gigantic keep.  The most impressive feature of Bovet Keep is the deep harbor that cuts into the mountain and guards the dukes navy.  Bouvet Keep is the most defensible city in all the Isle’s.  Never, has an invader felled the keeps mighty walls.  The city is reported to be 50,000 strong with another 5,000 people serving actively in the Bouvaldian Navy.

Famous Location:
The Water Wall

The Water Wall-The wall ranges in height from 50 to 100 feet in a 40 mile radius some thousand feet from the northwestern coast of Bouvaldia.  The Wall blinds the vanguard position of the isles from seeing where they travel to while also threatening everywhere the Isles travel with a moving wave of destruction.  In the 1000 feet between the wall and the coast, monstrous waves fall off the wall battering the coast.  Occasionally, creatures known to be native to the elemental plane of water have passed through from the wall, creating unique threats for Bouvaldians to conquer.

The Great Cat Mountains: This Mountain Range separates Bouvaldia from the duchy Emmerdin Pac Napiay.  Emmerdin was Bouvaldia’s greatest enemy and the Great Cat Mountains were what prevented their enemies from conquering them.  After the Sundering, the volcanic eruption made this range even more uninhabitable with passage being near impossible.  There are strange environmental conditions in the Great Cat Mountain range such as quicksand that boils over small pools of lava, poisonous gases, and beetle swarms that are immune to fire.  

Duke Calias Bouvet

Duke Calias Bouvet-The current duke, a human,  rose to power five years ago after the passing of Duchess Sarshaun Bouvet, a young elven woman of only one hundred fifty years who passed away from a wasting disease. Duke Calias’ reign has been marred by controversies, the most recent of which is the Duke’s decision to allow the teachings of the book of virtues. The book of virtues has yet to be officially sanctioned by the church as holy word nor has the church spoken officially upon whether these dragons were truly the celestial messengers of god. Calias is the first Duke in the Evening Isles to recognize the book of virtues as a holy tome.  While the decision has been controversial to the masses within Bouvet Keep it is believed to have been done in exchange for the secrets of irrigation, which the new duke believed to be vital to the duchies survival.

Gargoyle Zarl: Volcano Dwarf Leader of the Sundered Dwarves.  The Sundered Dwarves are those volcano dwarves that survived the volcanic eruptions.  The sundered are made up of a variety of former clans and have spent the last hundred years as surface dwellers.
Avicrator Delease
Avicrator Delease: High Priest of Charity, this male half-elf’s temple is a barn where the acolytes provide free food to the poor and Avicrator provides healing, solace, and wisdom.

Melandrach Olithir: 250 year old Elf High Admiral of the Bouvaldian Navy, Master of Cannons

Ralikanthae: Sea Master Elementalist, Guardian of the Water Wall, Race unknown but legend is aquatic elf.

Inasia: Elf female Assassin, everybody knows who she is, everyone knows what she does, no one knows where she is, no one knows when she’ll strike.

Zhuat: Fire Giant who lairs in the Macron Mountain Range

Foaughh: Stone Giant who lairs in the Macron Mountain Range

Taril: Volcano Giant Outlaw, Enemy of Bouvet Keep, fiercely believes in the legend of Macron and claims to be his descendant. Taril has vowed to conquer Bouvet Keep.

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